Friday, August 17, 2007

Au Contraire Mon Frere

Good News P-B-P-or-B-2007 followers!

You may track my progress in real time as I blaze across the French countryside!

Go to:

And enter my “frame number”: 4675

Currently, you will read these results:

“le participant est inscrit mais non encore parti”

Which, cheaply translated, means:

“the participant is registered but not yet party”

But you see, this is where the internets are in error. For today, under the ruse of our monthly birthday club, my coworkers at Time Out Chicago surprised me with Good Luck party, complete with a bicycle-decorated carrot cake, a punch bowl full of Gator-Aide, and a basket assortment of electrolyte tabs, cliff bars, nuts, dried fruit and even my old favorite, combos.

There was even a giant poster of yours truly superimposed over the streets of Paris and wishing me “Bonne Chance!” on my little ride. The entire staff came streaming by asking the details and wishing me well. I don’t know if one man's demented vacation was ever so thoroughly celebrated.

I am truly humbled and touched.




Anonymous said...

What the heck?

No mention of the insanity ride? I assume it will be added in due course.

Good luck Homie. We'll ride into the wee hours of the morning once you are done trying to prove something and can ride for the joy of riding once again.

Fargo said...

Have a great ride!

Lisa said...


gazer said...


julie said...

aw, TC. here it is sunday and the PBP thingey still says you're stuck somewhere around saturday AM? i hope it's wrong. hope hope hope hope.

congratulations on an awesome achievement. i need to buy you a beer so's you can tell me the whole story.

kate said...

Congrats, buddy! The word around town is that you've done completed the monster ride. We miss you around here; you better have some awesome stories when you come back.