Friday, April 20, 2007

The Burger and the Damage Done

Thomas Christopher O’Rourke

Male, aged 34

Born November 21, 1972 in Oak Park, Illinois

As of: April 18, 2007

Weight: 193.5 Lbs

Body Fat: 22.6%

B.M.I.: 27.4

So my percentage body fat falls into the “acceptable” range, which used to just be called “overweight.” I doubt this name sugarcoating did anyone any good.

Since I am so very out of shape, I set no specific “numeric” goal, but rather desire to get fit as possible in the little time I have.

At the end of our grand experiment I shall publish the “after” photos, hopefully in dramatic contrast. Perhaps I can even sell them to snake oil marketers or do commercial spots for fast food vendors. Alas, I don’t think I’m heavy enough to qualify for my own talk show.

But for now I remain just another random weirdo clogging the web with pictures of himself in his underpants.